Monday, November 20, 2017

Our Number One Goal is to Reduce Radon Gas Levels to The Lowest Possible Level we Can Achieve by Designing and Installing a Safe, Flawless Radon Mitigation System.

30 Year Performance Guarantee!!! Ohio Radon Systems Guarantees That Your Homes Radon Levels Will Be “Far Below” The EPA’s Action Level for a Thirty Year Period.

  • 5 Year Radon Fan Warranty
  • The Best Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  • All of our guarantees are provided in writing and are transferable!
  • Flexible Pay At Closing Option For Real Estate Transactions
  • Free Retests After The Two Year Installation Date

A Few Warnings About Purchasing a Radon Mitigation System

Many of the companies offering Radon Mitigation Systems are not companies dealing with Radon gas or mitigation systems daily, but construction companies or contractors that have taken a mitigation class and obtained licensing from the state. Do these companies truly specialize in Radon Mitigation as a daily business? Do these contractors have the experience to reduce radon gas levels in your home effectively and safely throughout your home ownership? Do they have the experience to lower radon levels to the lowest possible level?

Most consumers purchase a Radon Mitigation System with a “Guarantee” that is not honored when something goes wrong with the system and ends up costing the home owner more money in the future. Fine Print words in a sales contract!

We cannot stress enough for consumers to watch out for cheap parts, cheap labor, and shortcuts. Some contractors want to get in and get out as fast as possible. We also want you to know that there are some real professionals out there that install excellent mitigation systems. Ohio Radon Systems will match any contractor’s price if we are comparing the same materials, labor, and system upgrades that we install as part of every mitigation system we install. These components are necessary to keep the system functioning, provide our guarantees, and reduce radon levels as low as possible.

Lowest Radon Levels Possible: Northeast Ohio’s Only 30 Year Performance Guarantee. This is better than other guarantees. When you use diagnostic testing to design a radon mitigation system, with the best radon fan, and the best installation techniques, we can offer the best guarantee! See our mitigation system page to see how we do this

radon-fan5Year Fan Warranty: Most Radon contractors provide the manufacturers 5 year limited warranty that comes with most fans. We are so confident about our installation techniques and system designs that our radon fans will outperform the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is also transferable. It only takes one phone call to our office and your fan will be replaced within 48 hours of your call. A total savings of $350 over the life of your system.

Quit Fan Installations: Some companies use cheap fans to increase profits, some use the same fan with every installation, but these fans may not be properly sized for the characteristics of your home> may lower radon levels, but not to the lowest level possible. Cheap fans start loud and get louder over time. We use only fans that are designed and built to run quietly, thermally protected and properly sized to your home through diagnostic testing we conduct under your home. We also install safety devices on our fans to extend the life cycle free of charge (Fan Guards).

Fast vs. Safe Installs: The fast & cheap Radon Mitigation Systems are built with cheap labor and cheap labor means sketchy characters. Before you hire a company, make sure you know who is going to be in your home. FAST SERVICE! May mean cheap labor, and shortcuts. We know that having people working in your home can be inconvenient. Our Team approach gets your install started about 9am and gets it completed by late afternoon of that same day. We show up in uniform, company truck, and will answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to watch us work!

Our Technicians: Our entire staff of field technicians are licensed Ohio Radon Mitigation Specialists. Current Ohio Department of Health Regulations allows contractors to employ field staff that are not licensed mitigation specialists, as long as they are supervised periodically by the mitigation specialist. Our company’s firm rule is that no person will work in your home that is not a licensed mitigation specialist, received training from the EPA regional training center, passed national approved exam, and licensed by the state of Ohio. Our staff will show up in uniform, id badge and license included ready to install your system.

vent-pipe-hiddenSystems That Are Cosmetically Appealing: Most of the time our technicians can hide the system components inside attics, garages, closets, or chase walls. Most people don’t even notice that a Radon Mitigation System has been installed! Radon fans can be installed inside the attic space.


We Understand Your Frustration. Almost 80% Of Elevated Radon Levels Detected Are The Result Of A Real Estate Transaction. The Good News Is That You’re On Your Way To Choosing A Professional Radon Mitigation Specialist To Fix Your Home. Click Here To Learn About Your Legal Responsibility To The Buyers And How To Protect Your Family From Legal Litigation After You Sell The Home.

Save Your Real Estate Deal! We often receive calls from distraught home sellers that have a mitigation system installed but failed a re-test later when a home inspector tested the home for the purpose of a real estate transaction. This scenario normally originates from cheap labor, and cheap parts from the first contractor that installed the radon mitigation system. Not to worry, we can evaluate your home and make the necessary repairs to keep radon gas levels well below the EPA’s action level. Emergency service available to help “Save Your Deal”. You will receive a Seller’s Liability Protection Certificate from our company. This 10 page document provides extensive physical proof, in writing and signed by a Licensed Ohio Radon Mitigation Specialist and the President of this company that you “The Seller” did what you’re supposed to do. It spells out the steps you took to:

radon-mitigation-report(1) Take the matter seriously as a “Seller”

(2) Provide a safe system to the buyer to reduce radon gas levels

(3) You hired a certified, licensed professional to install a quality radon mitigation system in your home that reduced radon gas levels below the EPA’s safe action level.

Compared to what the other companies give you, a simple sales receipt, or a page full of disclaimers by the installer. This document pertains to you, the “seller” and how you took the matter seriously to deliver a safe home to the buyer. We provide the Sellers Liability Protection Certificate free of charge.

Great Systems Save Life’s! It is imperative that home owners and sellers choose a qualified radon mitigation contractor to install your system. Don’t be fooled by the cheapest price and fine print guarantees. Take a look at the picture at the left- This system failed a re-test from a home inspector! The seller almost lost the sale of this home! This system violates EPA protocol in more ways than we could count on two hands. The picture on the right is a system installed by us “Ohio Radon Systems”. The radon levels in this home were 4 times the EPA’s action level of 4.0. Our system reduced the levels below .8 pCiL and the real estate transaction moved forward. Happy seller, happy safe buyer!

sellers buyers

radon-installPrice Quotes: Most of the time our staff can provide you with an estimate over the phone, this process generally takes about 10 or 15 minutes of your time for us to learn about the characteristics of your home and provide the estimate over the phone. In some cases it may be necessary for us to visit your home to provide an estimate, these cases generally consist of larger homes, or homes equipped with crawlspaces. A proposal will be emailed to you that outlines exactly the work that we will perform to reduce the radon gas levels in your home, along with our guarantees in writing. In most cases your system can be installed the same week that you call us.

Does Ohio Radon Systems Provide Radon Testing? We do provide preliminary testing of residential homes for home owners or for buyers and sellers for the purpose of a real estate transaction. Ohio Radon Systems will provide testing once we install a mitigation system in your home; this is included with the installation fee. We also provide you 1 free retest 2 years after the system is installed. Simply call our office and we will get you scheduled.

Testimonials from our clients, Real Estate Professionals, and Home Inspectors

ronAfter many years in the home inspection industry testing for radon, I can honestly say that Ohio Radon Systems provides the best product for my clients. I have inspected their work and post mitigation reports. I was highly impressed with their service. A+ Company

Ron Gerome, Certified ASHI Inspector
Signature Home Inspections
Highland Heights, Ohio
Phone: 216-402-5495

virginiaMy clients and I are very pleased with Ohio Radon Systems. In all my years in the real estate business I have definitely seen some radon problems and difficult installs, Ohio Radon Systems always gets the job done.

I like the availability of their team, fast paperwork, and clean installs. The post mitigation report that we receive is excellent, really makes the buyers feel like someone took care of their future home.

I don’t think I have ever seen a radon level above 1.3 once they are done installing the mitigation systems.

Virginia Edwards
Century 21 Wilbur Realty


I was very impressed with your service and office staff. Your ability to forward all the paperwork in a timely fashion was greatly appreciated. The post mitigation report really helped the buyers feel comfortable about the system and your guarantees. A job well done, your #1 on my Radon list!

Susan Sampson, Realtor, CRS, ABR
Howard Hanna, 330-715-0719

I never thought this would be such a difficult process. I called many contractors and still felt like I was unsure who to have o the work. Sue and Joe at your office were so friendly and helpful. I actually couldn’t find the mitigation system in my home because Joe hid it so well! Didn’t even know he was here. I would highly recommend your company to friends and family. Thanks for the education about radon-

Amber Chatal, Akron Ohio

I thank you for a job well done. We presented the buyers with your post mitigation report; they were very pleased to know that they get a free retest at the two year period-

Bruce Hollingsworth, Kent Ohio

Sue at your office was awesome. She walked me through the process and explained things well. Joe the installer was also very friendly and cleaned up after he was done. I would highly recommend your company.

Never heard of RADON before, my house tested high when we sold it so I had a test done on the house we were buying. Your company fixed the house I sold and I was impressed with your work so I had you installed a mitigation system in our new house- Outstanding job!!

Marcus Peterson, Twinsburg Ohio

Throughout this whole process of selling my home your company and staff were the easiest to work with. My agent told me you guys were the best and I strongly agree. P.S. The test on my new home came back high, we will be calling you soon!

Michael Lawrence, Stow Ohio

Radon what? I had no idea I was putting my family at risk. Thanks for explaining everything to me. You can bet that I will test my next home. P.S. I was impressed with the installation. Had no idea it was that in depth.

Jim Reinersman, Akron Ohio

I think you were the only contractor that didn’t want my wallet. Your estimate was higher than the rest but I liked the pay at closing option. Thanks for understanding my situation and explaining everything to me-

John Owen, Bedford Ohio

If you have questions or would like to speak to us please call our office line at 330-644-5390. Ask for Sue and tell her you saw us on the web. We can walk you through the steps and provide you the information you need to make an informed decision on choosing a professional radon mitigation specialist.

Flexible pay at closing option is available for real estate transactions